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About me:My name is Ashton. I like to hang out with friends, have a good time and just enjoy life.
Member Since:July 4, 2006
Last Login:July 4, 2006
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:November 7
Schools:Saint Gertrude High School, Virginia Commonwealth University
General Interests:Friends, Adam , take out, chicken wings w/ obscene amounts of bleu cheese, shopping, clothes, shoes, my jetta, music, cooking, CSI, movies, traveling, Rum and Sparks with Mumma, stuffed grape leaves, Philly, RIC, Law and Order, TOTS!!!!, Starlite, sleeping in on rainy days, g-town, Sticky Rice, scarves, OnDemand, leggings, mayonnaise....lots of it! limeade, Sunday night HBO, and just being the crazy person that I am.


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