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About me:In 1996, Arjun was particularly interested in reggae as well as kirtan, a form of devotional call and response chanting originating in India. From 1996 to 1997 he performed kirtan at the yoga center Jivamukti, a place where notable influences Krishna Das and Bhagavan Das regularly attended. This inspired Arjun to travel to India in 1998. He spent his time chanting at temples with the local babas and playing a mrdunga drum. Although he had no formal guru, he felt compelled to acquire a harmonium prior to departing India and moving to Santa Cruz, California in 1999. In the year 2000 Arjun formed the eastern vocal party Bhajananandi, which released 3 cds: Bhajananandi (2000) and Bhajananandi II & III (2001).

During this time, Arjun and Guardians came to be in existence through many collective permutations and is currently a musical trio whose influences range from reggae-kirtan to rock and ethno-electronica.
The band to date has released 4 cds: Cave of Brahma (2001), Great Mystery (2002), Astralogy (2004) and Half Man/Half Lion (2004).
They have toured extensively on the West Coast, in Canada and in the Northeast.
Member Since:April 9, 2002
Last Login:February 2, 2007
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Birthday:October 1
General Interests:Living in the moment, bhajan, qawwali,, kirtan, Amma


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