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About me:Im 32 livin in South Florda, and chillin. I used to tour around the country playin music but have been pretty rooted down here as of late. I still play percussion daily ( cant ever stop ) and spend most of my spare time at the beach or sitting in with variuos local bands.
Member Since:November 15, 2006
Last Login:September 5, 2010
Location:Delray Beach, FL
Birthday:April 2
Music means to me:Music is the foundation of society. It keeps us all grounded and in touch with our most primitive selves.
Schools:Left High School a little early to follow Grateful Dead for a few years,graduated upon my return from tour, then went for a short stint to University of Madison, WI for Biotech but Im just not a lab guy.
General Interests:Playin music, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, diving, rock climbing, chillin, festivals, camping, traveling
Other Distractions:I get distracted by everything, Its the true joy of ADD


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