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About me:Im Andy. I love music and the outdoors. I also like to do good things for people. Im also interested in whiskey, road trips, tripping, brewing beer, beer and wine drinking, peace, hippie and beat culture, very liberal, I also play music ie: guitar and sing mainly but working on djembe, and banjo... im a pretty chill person so just say whats up or ask me a question if you want to know more!
Member Since:February 28, 2007
Last Login:August 2, 2015
Location:Decatur, IL
Birthday:October 26
Music means to me:Everything.... there is not a second of the day that im not thinking of music, humming, singing, listening to music, writing and composing, it is everything to me i breathe music, and seeing live shows is the greatest thing ever. live music rules... Support local musicians!
Schools:Music major at millikin university in Decatur IL for a while and currently a psychology major
General Interests:Whiskey, Brewing, Golf, Football, Fishing, Roadtrips, Camping, friends, meeting people, acting like a fool and dancing like crazy to live music, and tons of other stuff...


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