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About me:I am addicted to live music

I have a job, a great job, but the larger drive in my life has always been music. I see somewhere between 1-3 shows a week.. I also spend as much time as I can with my friends, who are really just an extension of myself and thanks ya'll.
I also have a travel bug, which works out well with seeing music. I'm really interested in communicating with people, i think it works best through playing music, groovin to music and conversation.
Member Since:July 1, 2007
Last Login:March 11, 2015
Location:Albany, NY
Birthday:June 24
Music means to me:it's my medicine. seriously...get me all F'd up and i'll tell you the story, but just take it at face value for now. it's healing.
Schools:la escuela del musica y UMass-Amherst
General Interests:being outside, new friends, dogs, photography, being with my friends
Other Distractions:playing guitar, playing music with others, partyin my ass off, sunrises, red sox!


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