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About me:i as you exist sigulary and(this could be one of our differences)don't think it's always necessary
to follow grammatical rules while writing a sentence in english examples being capitalization of the letter i pertaining to oneself and using and twice in anything other than stream of consciousness would really be a run on sentence right or maybe just a fragment?
that besides my mind tends to wander and i don't hold most jobs very long, not out of irresponsibility but boredom for i feel somewhat cheated by emerika a problem which is more deserving of an essay than this small introduction. in the time spent between jobs i'm devoted to doing the things that truly give me happiness, writing poetry, prose and song, pursuing a career as both a writer and folksinger and most importantly something that i find essential in evoking the creative muse, hiking the hills and appalachian offshoots of the susquehanna valley surrounding lancaster, pennsylvania. i enjoy going to shows and have since i saw phish for the first time. if i had to make a list of jamband favorites it would be (no particular order)railroad earth, string cheese, phish, yonder, umphreys and phil's ever changing line-ups. in terms of other music i enjoy most everything but am constantly listening to jazz and love to pick and listen to traditional folk and bluegrass music. i'm actually rather reticent and other than writing it is not characteristic of me to draw attention to myself for he who speaks the loudest is heard the least.
Member Since:June 22, 2002
Last Login:November 17, 2007
Location:Lancaster, PA
Birthday:April 12
Music means to me:sound of transcendental realities
revealing interdependence
tones like lives coalesce
into the endless.
Schools:j.p. mccaskey in lancaster, pa the first school in the nation to have a music department.
General Interests:poetry, trout, people, reading, writing, music, nature, traveling, hitchhiking, meditation, the small breath of commas
Other Distractions:coffee, women, life, death, hawks, honking horns, loud voices and choices.


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