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About me:i am a senoir at model high school; a place where the appreciation of music is an extreem rarity. so here i am, a very rare being of the northwest ga county school system, looking for some crazy shows worth spreading word and hopfully spreding the love for live jam music.
Member Since:June 22, 2009
Last Login:January 13, 2012
Location:Rome, GA
Birthday:August 20
Music means to me:music as a way to not just tell a story but to convay the emotion behind the tale. and of corse its crazy fun to dance to.....
Schools:model high school
General Interests:i like to think of myself as an experimental artist(i do strange, trippy, weird, or what ever you like to call it(i say ,psychelelic)art)
......i also love, climbing or bouldering, playing soccer, disk golf and mnt. bikeing.
Other Distractions:doodling to stay awake in class


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