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About me:hmm...let's see. well, i love playing in general - sort of addicted to it. i spread the P.L.U.R. - practice some forms of expansion :0) i like trials and tribulation, living and winning, truly exploring myself, my relationships, my way of life. it's all lineal people !! i like spending time with the my ninjas at the river, destroying people at chess, cartoons with cursing. i try to be someone people can count on, try to stand by my word, try to keep my ninjas grounded. i keep a look out. word.
Member Since:October 4, 2007
Last Login:August 15, 2010
Location:Tallassee, AL
Birthday:October 15
Music means to me:i change the landscape as i pass, meanderring from sand to glass. i suction there for one whole day until the feeling goes away. i've lost my mind. i've lost my way. i'm bound to lose.... wonderring where i am. relax !! the world will spin beside itself and suck you in with threats and hopes beyond compare.
Schools:high school ~ not much else. a great deal about life, though. i can read minds through expression and feel love through words, though actions DO speak louder. i've learned to love and lose with a smile on my face because more love is somewhere around the corner, and besides....there are too many people in this world who love me to worry about the one's that don't. i've learned to watch out for those scarlet begonias - a harlot who owns ya. i've learned to look for the good in people because it rarely jumps out to bite you, but when it does - bite back. i've lived a series of barters....substitutional for forgettance....gunge expansion.......leave the world at home and hope that, for a moment, the world leaves you alone. BUT though the world be evil, existance is beautiful and persistence is a MUST. so, push onward and love those who love you because, in the end, it's our relationships with people around us that will truly define us !! educate yourself on that !!


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