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About me:I'm gonna be the big 30 real soon & I'm still not settled down! I've been married for 8 years & have no kids, no plans for any there are too many shows to go to!! I have my wonderful husband & my 2 awesome cats Big Todd Wilson & Myrtle. I moved to Denver from PA 4 years ago not planning to stay but we just bought a house, how could we not stay Red Rocks is in my back yard!!
Member Since:September 8, 2006
Last Login:May 25, 2013
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:October 15
Music means to me:Music is my life, it has made me me. I've been very grateful that my parents encouraged me not to be apart of the mainstream! There is so much talent out there you just have to find it.
Schools:Red Lion High Sr School
General Interests:I really enjoy taking my jeep on off roads in the mountians, especially in the fall when the leaves change, even sunday drives area awesome. I enjoy riding 4 wheelers also. Of course going to shows is my number 1 hobby! Cooking, watching movies, drinking beer, hanging out with friends, camping,
Other Distractions:Independent films are fun to watch, concert videos, biographys,


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