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About me:I'm going into my junior year of college. My major is International Relations with minors in Education and German. Pretty much since I've entered college, I've taken my life back. I was a dancer through my childhood, so there was never time to just play. Now, however, I've discovered video games (I'm totally addicted :), hanging with friends and just enjoying life all around. I'm open to meeting pretty much everyone. I have a dog named Indie and she's a Doberman. I absolutely love her. Anything else, just ask!
Member Since:May 12, 2008
Last Login:May 12, 2008
Location:Salem, VA
Birthday:April 15
Music means to me:Music is an escape to me. Something to relate to, something that will say what I'm feeling. Music takes up the empty silence, it brings smiles to faces and people together.
Schools:Junior @ RC
General Interests:Movies, Hiking/Outdoors, Dogs, Books, Anything German, Dancing, A good game of beer pong ;)
Other Distractions:Who are we kidding, the whole world is a distraction.


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