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About me:There she stood, perched falcon like with wings outstretched on top of the rocky ridge overlooking the sinuous river far below and the vast Alaskan plain beyond. Caught in the middle of that full bodied laugh which so resembles the tinkle and crash of candle-ice when disturbed by a paddle on the lake in the distance. Head thrown back to let the wind catch at her disorganized hair and buffet it about much like the cotton grass on the river bar near the place where she met the curious grizzly that one time. Turning suddenly, with the whirlwind energy of a dust devil seen twisting across the plain far off in the distance she stared through me with those glacial eyes. A taunting smile spreading across those cranberry lips as she sprung from her perch with the nimble grace of a pika to tundra bounce on her willowy limbs down the mossy slope rising and falling just as the northern lights do when they dance across the arctic night swirling the heavens with fluid motions of color. Her final laugh still echos through my head as I gaze towards the place where she slipped with such ease into the maze like alders at the hill base and disappeared out of sight.
Member Since:September 28, 2009
Last Login:February 29, 2012
Location:Williamstown, MA
Birthday:October 7
Schools:Williams College '11
General Interests:climbing-rocks, trees, buildings, and anything else remotely vertical in nature
Other Distractions:the fluid geometry of fire dancing


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