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About me:her dance needs nobody ... no body at all. she is both darkness and light, just a shadow on the wall. he's a wink of a black cat's eye at the end of an unlit hall. both a lady and her lover, both a child and her doll. time... has no body at all. over and over, surrender, surrender, surrender, rage gently. she's a warm breath on a winter's window, tangled humming birds fall. the earth is her footprint, all the wind is her shawl. her dance needs no body, no body at all.
Member Since:September 23, 2009
Last Login:January 26, 2014
Location:Salamanca, NY
Birthday:February 12
Music means to me:“You need music, I dont know why.It's probably one of those Joseph Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic and bliss, and power and myth, and celebration and religion in our lives and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.”
Other Distractions:hula-hoops


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