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Michael Saccia - Bass
Ras Jahn - Vocals
Ian I - Vocals / Guitar
Demse Zullo - Drums / Percussion
Matthew King - Percussion
Force - Vocals
Jay Metcalf - Keyboards

Intricate wordplay, soul searching roots ,undeniably memorable hooks, a diverse group of individuals , old school vocal harmonies , intense passion , and diverse creative talent are but a few of the elements which combine to form the unmistakable sound of the Alchemystics.

Formed in 2003 as a trio, and fueled by the belief that music could expand beyond the boundaries of style and categories , the group worked to create a sound that reflected their love of the heavy rhythms , of reggae , hip hop , & dub music, while also infusing the sounds of soul, and rootsy / earthy vocal harmonies to create a truly original music . Remaining true to their namesake, The Alchemystics have undergone a series of transformations over the years. Their current incarnation boasts a lineup of seven diverse and talented musicians. Including the Vocal stylings of Ras Jahn , Ian - I , & Force , the deep groove of Demse Zullo , booming low end of Garrett Sawyer , & the keyboard elements of Jay Metcalf .

The band's musical experience is more than evident during their high energy, captivating live performances. When they take the stage the crowd takes notice and cannot help becoming engaged in what the band has dubbed the "new roots music" . Combining the past with the present & at the same time always moving forward, The Alchemystics are poised to bring a much needed change to the musical landscape with the unified sounds of their rhythm and melodic soul. Eager to take the music to the people, The Alchemystics' popularity has grown steadily, showing that their unique sound and explosive energy is addictive and enveloping . The power of their live performances has carried them across the Northeast to a wide variety of venues ranging from colleges ( UMASS , AMHERST , Mount Holyoke , Trinity College , Worcester State , Salem State ) , & festivals ( Vermont Reggae Fest , Ascutney , Whale Back , & Wachussett Mountain ski resorts , Strange Creek , Charlemont Reggae Fest ) , to nightclubs ( Toads Place , Calvin Theater , Tammany Hall , Crash Mansion , The Middle East , Pearl st , Iron Horse , ).
With the spring 2006 release of their full length CD having been well received and a new single just released , The Alchemystics continue to grow and gain momentum. The group is hard at work on the follow up to last years release . With the new single Bangers & Mash having just been released on the Western New England hip hop compilation ( released on the Mystika Music label ) . The groups unique sound is spreading quickly & moving through the clubs and campuses of the US as well as Europe and the Carribean .
Member Since:December 2, 2005
Last Login:August 18, 2015
Location:Amherst, MA
Birthday:March 11
Music means to me:Music is what we have all dedicated our lives to ... Music is a constant positive force in this world.. We're honored to share the music we create with the world!
Schools:Auburn High School graduate 1997
Anna Maria College graduate 2001
School of Life, still attending
General Interests:long walks in the woods, studying and experimenting with plant life, the sun, the moon, good music, great music, other peoples, sharing the Alchemystics sound with the masses...
Other Distractions:Northfire Recording Studio, green building, Evolve: Life in the Group, most things pertaining to Llamas and Lasagne, drum n bass, dub, jungle, traveling, Kelly (mi lady ya!),


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