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About me:What's up, my name is Joe and i live in Akron Ohio. I Think Umphrey's Mcgee is one of the most talented bands to come into existance, but i listen to all sorts of music. I love going to festivals and travelling to different states. Although, I would rather go to a local Hookah fest because they rock every time i see them and the people are so awesome. I like sports, hockey and baseball are my favorites but basketball and football are cool. I'm sure i'd like the NFL more if the Browns were good but oh well O-H I-O. Party on, all of you out there on Jambase.
Member Since:November 17, 2005
Last Login:October 11, 2013
Location:West Palm Beach, FL
Birthday:March 26
Music means to me:Music to me is people spreading there emotions and feelings, along with there talent and charisma out to the crowd. It's amazing how a certain song can lift your spirits when your feeling blue or another song help you deal with a problem. Every song has a message and it hits each person in the crowd a certain way. Unless, your piss drunk, just yelling cuz the bands melting your face off and you leave so satisfied and happy. Wow, music rocks!
Schools:Revere, Tri C
General Interests:Parties, Concerts, Sporting Events, Festivals, Snowboarding if it would snow, and just hangin out with a loaded bowl preferably surrounded by sweet scenery.
Other Distractions:I like just flippin channels on TV, watching movies, video games, downloading music huge distraction.


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