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About me:17 years old. senior in high school. i LOVE drumming. listening to music that nobody understands. going out to the middle of nowhere just for the silence and the view, rain or shine. i can be really, REALLY weird at certain points in the day, mostly when it's raining. i plan to go to college for psychology but i'm not sure where i'm gonna go. i'm obsessed with video games, more specifically Gears of War 2 and COD Modern Warfare. i had a stroke freshman year in 07 and it's changed my life. and i try not to but i change my layout and songs ALOT. my dad died in 2003 in my homestate of Washington but he lives on in this world and i WILL see him again someday. religion confuses me alot and basically i don't know what to believe in life, it's really depressing thinking that there's nothing after this life though so i hold hope that there is a heaven and God. i can get REALLY into wondering where the limits of space are. i like reading if the first few pages can be given a picture in my mind. i'm easy to talk to, i'll get along with almost anybody unless they think they're the shit. and above all, the thing that everybody knows or must know is that i'm in love with the most wonderful, caring, beautiful, and loving girl ever to have lived. i love her with my ENTIRE HEART...the whole thing...not like 3/4 of it or something weird like that...she's the greatest thing to ever happen to me, PERIOD. so that's pretty much all i can say about myself. i'm calvin, and i will probably wonder what goes through your mind if and when i meet you.
Member Since:August 2, 2009
Last Login:April 14, 2011
Location:Depew, NY
Birthday:December 15
Music means to me:probably what it is to everybody else. Life.
General Interests:Drumming, Outdoors, Photography, my beautiful girlfriend <3
Other Distractions:Xbox 360


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