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About me:Andrew started his roots of music when he was just 8 years old. Just starting out, he started taking voice lessons at the age of 10. His first teacher Lori Rocklin, a former Vaudeville performer, started Andrew with songs of Frank Sinatra and other famous crooners. Over the years, he learned to love music more and more. "From that point on when I was 8, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." He started out playing bar gig's around the suberbs of Chicago, where he found to love performing. Andrew in the summer of 2003 got to work with producer Kevon Smith of Island records, recording a four song pro-demo with fellow band mates from High School. While Andrew was a freshman at Columbia College, he auditioned for several bands including one called, "Native Fiction." Disappointed, being without a band for so long, Andrew finally saw an audition for a rock band called "Slingshot." Andrew went to the audition and was asked to return for another. After several auditions, he got the job. The band featured David Mills on drums, Chris Sueter on guitar, Mike Mills on bass, and Andrew on lead vocals and guitar. Mike Mills, after a couple of months left the band and was replaced by Paul Garcia. The band played one gig with Mr. Garcia, after he left for professional reasons. The band is currently looking for a replacment bass play and hopes to start booking shows withen this coming winter. As for Andrew, he has also started a side project called, "The Andrew Delneky Acoustic Project." The project kicked off with a demo recording, produced by Derrick Fawcett percussionist, vocalist, and co-song writer for the band "Down the Line." Andrew also played with Blues Musician Fernando Jones over the past summer. Andrew played along witht he Columbia Blues Ensemble at venues such as the Blues Heaven Foundation, Blues Fest, and Navy Pier. "I will continue to play music until the day I die. It is my passion, it is my love, and it's my life."

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Music means to me:everything
Schools:New Trier High School
Columbia College
General Interests: Music, sports, and girls
Other Distractions:Braveheart, South Park, and Dante's Inferno


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