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About me:I'm an audiophile, science teacher outdoor wanderer, daydreamer, smile-inducer, long-joke-teller, massage-giver, bike-rider, photo-taker, garden-grower, adventure-haver...
Member Since:June 7, 2009
Last Login:August 9, 2009
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:May 1
Music means to me:Music is vibrations, just like us. As such, it's no wonder that it inspires such wonder. It's the result of thought and movement, and engenders the same. Hence: music is awesome and necessary for a life well lived.
Schools:UC Davis (undergrad)
Portland State University (grad)
General Interests:Meeting folks that are down to boogie.
Other Distractions:beverages, maps, stargazing (with a sweet telescope or with the naked eye), bonfires, potlucks, travel, radio, delight.


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