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About me:Hola, I am a 38 year old guy who misses the Dead but luckily for me I live in Denver which has a great music scene. I love bluegrass, Yonder, Hot Buttered, etc. and love SCI, Phish, WSP, STS9, etc. etc. About me: I am an acupuncturist, vegetarian, spritual guy
Member Since:December 27, 2005
Last Login:April 4, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:August 19
Music means to me:God only knows how much money I have spent on music. Rocks my soul, picks me up when I am down, picks me up even higher when I am high : )
Schools:Rutgers, Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
General Interests:Animal lover, spiritual, lefty politics, vegetarianism, enviromentalist, organics, mountains, hotsprings, etc.
Other Distractions:PBS, NPR, KGNU, independent films, etc.


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