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About me:25, Single, prefer moderately warm days over scorchingly hot or frigidly cold ones, mountains over the beach, Feingold to Hillary, and other such natural and logical affinities.
Member Since:July 26, 2006
Last Login:June 5, 2013
Location:Hershey, PA
Birthday:September 20
Music means to me:To steal a Vonnegut line, "It's all I ever needed to prove the existence of God."
Schools:Hershey High, Penn State University (UP)
General Interests:Running (trails), politics (progressive), coaching, World Cup soccer, movies, reading and (occasionally) writing.
Other Distractions:Prius driving, Cohen brothers films, Arrested Development and Lost, and books by Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Bryson, Jon Krakauer and other contemporary masters.


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