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About me:I can be quiet when you first meet me, but I usually open right up if i'm comfortable with someone. I make a point of looking at the good in people, and i'll be cool with just about anyone as long as you don't insult me directly. I'm a very idealistic person. I guess I think like a hippie, but at the same time I know I come from a generation that's completely spoiled and goes against all of that. I'm kind of complicated. Sometimes I'm the wild and crazy life of the party, and other times i'm totally serious. I have a good sense of humor, although it's a bit vulgar so it offends some people. luckily for me I don't give a fuck. Even though sometimes I act stupid and crazy, it's all in good fun. I also love talking about serious things like music, political issues, and stuff like that. It's kinda tough to find people to have serious conversations with though. I mean we live in a country where 50 cent had the top selling album. Holy style over substance batman!

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Member Since:April 6, 2006
Last Login:January 18, 2011
Location:Burlington, VT
Birthday:August 23
Music means to me:These days music means sifting through a sea of shit to find intelligence and talent. I love a lot of different music, and I hate a lot of different music. Some music I don't like but can admit has value. Other music is worthless and is an embarassment to the human race.
Schools:Northwest Caholic Highschool, Assumption College
General Interests:Music, shows, hiking, camping, biking, movies, road trips, adventure, living life rather than watching tv
Other Distractions:Some top movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Almost Famous, Trainspotting, American Beauty, Super Troopers, Sideways, This is Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski


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