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About me:universally multifaceted, nature loving, animal befriending, creative expressionistic extraordinaire.
~fallow your bliss~
~old soul but young at heart~

rings on her fingers and bells on my shoes
am into the blues...

comes in colors everywhere..
shes like a rainbow.
Member Since:December 18, 2009
Last Login:September 17, 2010
Location:Fargo, ND
Birthday:December 17
Music means to me:sound is vibration, vibration is energy, energy is fundamental!

"I don't know why, it's the same reason why you like some music and you don't like others. There's something about it that you like. Ultimately I don't find it's in my best interests to try and analyze it, since it's fundamentally emotional."
~Jerry Garcia
General Interests:everything!!!


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