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hey all! Im Androo from AZ. Im a laid back guy that likes to have fun and travel to shows whenever i can. I love my friends so much and try to hang out as much as i can. In fact, my friends are more fun than yours!! I love meeting new people so if u wanna talk just message me. Im always willing to lend a hand or an ear when needed. I play the djembe, bongos, other hand drums, and perc instruments. Im all about good vibes, good family, good tunes, good food and good times. If you ever see me out, say HIGH!!!
Member Since:October 19, 2006
Last Login:May 1, 2013
Location:Chandler, AZ
Birthday:September 15
Music means to me:more than i can put into words. it keeps me going from day to day in this crazy place called Earth. Unsure as to whom i would be without it...
Schools:Trevor Browne H.S, Pinnacle H.S, University Of Phoenix
General Interests:djembes, bongo and percussion toys, electronic music, reading, enlightenment, learning new things, meeting new people, commUNITY, bass guitars, bartering, free thinking, hemp twisting, crazy dancing, good beer drinking, art sketching, hiking, camping, natural hot springs, poi, glow toys, reflexology, giving messages, healthy eating, healthy and fun living...oh and i like to PUFF.
Other Distractions:MY FRIENDS<3 DISC GOLF (hit me up if your ever in AZ and wanna throw!), IPA beer, literature, art, poetry, volleyball, hacky sack and laughing n smiling with friends all night long! i like glow toys too! Want a light show?


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