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About me:I live my life to the fullest. My Friends and Family are my world. My boyfriend is the sweetest person...ever and I'm going to marry him.
Member Since:January 15, 2011
Last Login:March 8, 2011
Location:Oxford, CT
Birthday:March 28
Music means to me:Music is life. Life is music. Seeing energy being released from the crowed is second to none.
Schools:Albertus Magnus
General Interests:Hiking, Camping, PURPLE, Love, Cars, Cards, Animals, Movies, Justin<33, Jebus, New Deal, Yankees.
Other Distractions:Music, Dancing, DJs, Free Music, Make Up, "Strangers stopping Stangers just to shake there hand."

What did the monkey say when he got his tail cut off?

Won't be long now! HAHA!


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