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About me:Former Band kid, former Orchesta player, former Arts/Film student, currently a Psych student. The most profound sense of internal growth I have experienced as of late, is moving beyond the safe familiar cannon of music I was raised with and just going out and exploring what is happening with the rest of the world. I used to raide your bookshelves- now it's your play lists... and bookshelves. I cannot say I am affiliated with any particular genre. I am a music lover, not a fanatic. I will not dismiss you because your music is labeled emo, grunge, or tribal-celtic. I will make sweet music love, one sound at a time.
Member Since:November 12, 2009
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Birthday:September 7
Music means to me:Music, to me, is the opportunity to become a better person. Intentional music-making for its own sake, is a unique, universal quality of the human race. Like languages, it's expression may depend on its regionalism and the cultural (and cross-cultural) influences, often resulting in aesthetic (en)harmonic chemistry. It's infinately the most approachable language that exists, and allows me the opportunity to transgress the small i and connect with others on a micro and macro level.
Schools:Brookfield High
Carleton University


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