Firefairy's Profile

About me:I am a happy Montana girl with passion and integrity.
Member Since:December 25, 2002
Last Login:September 13, 2014
Location:Helena, MT
Birthday:March 27
Music means to me:Music is a life line. Music is a tool for changing the world.
Schools:CMR, North Dakota State, University of Montana, Illinois State University, Utah State University
General Interests:* reading
* live music
* hiking
* environmentalism
* sociology
* food
* social movements
* Cuba
* Latin America
* Paganism
* voluntary simplicity
* travel
* Montana
* Spearhead
* land reform
* dogs
* fair trade
* agrarianism
Other Distractions:---Favorite Movies:
Motorcycle Diaries, I heart Huckabees, Baraka, The Revolution Must Be Televised, Man in the Moon, Goodburger, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Blue Hawaii, Meet Me in Saint Louie

---Favorite Music:
Dub, Reggae, Jam Rock, Jazz, Funk, Bluegrass

---Favorite Books:
Red Tent, Mist of Avalon, Prison Writings: My Life is My Sundance, Dharma Bums, This Seasons People, People's History of the United States, Manufacturing Consent, Noam Comsky, Howard Zinn, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Where the Sidewalk Ends


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