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About me:I'm the old guy danceing in the corner... all f'ed up cause I wanna... so'm gonna...
Member Since:May 30, 2004
Last Login:About 1 day ago
Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:April 14
Music means to me:the 4th minute of that SPACE WRANGLER from Light Fuse. and that ME AND MY UNCLE from the Winterland Closing. and the joy of seeing local jam shows with musicians that have heart.. and seeing a band like PHISH only once on their last tour and feeling like i really screwed that up.
What was the question?
General Interests:blueglass, blewgrass, and buckeye dominance
Other Distractions:reading (classics and beatnik titles mostly),disc golf , biking, flowers, Ron & Fez, Red Rose addiction


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