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About me:I have a very vintage D-18 that was found on the street many years ago. San Francisco, long ago, was a veritable treasure trove for people who made their living piecing through the "junk".

I have a new guitar, nylon string, I bought in Paracho, Mexico. It sounds really awesome. Since I prefer fingerpicking, it's a nice second guitar to have.

I think I have a beautiful voice.

I don't play open mics very much. (Really, not at all). When I play with friends, their soloing often complements my mellow fingerpicking very nicely. However, I want to do it all myself. Thus, I am getting into recording now.

I personally think my songs are very, very beautiful. I've been playing 9 years.

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Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:January 23
Music means to me:Oh, you know. Music and the idea of growing a paradise utopia garden/farm from the ground up are the two most important things to me.

I feel beyond blessed that I am who I am, because I can play guitar and sing well.
Schools:UC Santa Cruz


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