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About me:About Me:
My path is my journey and my journey is what makes me who i am.
No words can explain.
I live to see tomorrow, and if it tomorrow doesn't come, i will know i lived everyday like it was my last. Anything is possible!!
People make me smile, life makes me happy, and love is what keeps me alive.
Member Since:January 3, 2010
Last Login:October 5, 2012
Location:Reno, NV
Birthday:August 21
General Interests:My Family, Burning man )'(, My Friends, The Playa, meeting amazing people, exploring, dancing, making people laugh, spending time with the special people in my life, my puppy Rocco!!!!!.....Photography, yoga, massage, culture, traveling, music, saving the earth, living green, animals, starting a bluegrass band with Alicia Kelly (name still unknown) biking, hiking, education, camping, whitewater rafting, swimming, cliff jumping, river floating, jogging, acting, theater, adventure, the great outdoors, beers, wines, food, CBC, butt massages, Karaoke, Yelling at the mean door man at Tonic!!! laughing, vegetables, late nights, the stars, the moon and the sun, fruit, drunken behavior, greenery and glass, seven layer dip, my boyfriend's amazing sushi, my boyfriend's amazing chicken stir-fry, singing, anything organic, bowling, The Twins (baseball), dancing, movies, friends, Lake Tahoe (the most beautiful place), my best friend in the whole world, Teresa Joy, school, learning, teaching, kids, movies, live music, concerts, dressing up, old cars, theater, comedians, festivals, reggae, The Dog Whisperer, playing Gin Rumi (cards) The list goes on, Late Nights At Ihop
Other Distractions:LOVE <3


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