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About me: Wayne Mills is as true a country boy as you will ever meet. Growing up in a small town, Arab, AL, Wayne was raised by the hands of hard work and love. Wayne, a former Junior College baseball player and walk on for the University of Alabama football team, knows all too well about hard work and dedication. Wayne has had to, almost literally, beat down doors to venues all over the south. Wayne recalls, “In the beginning, nobody would give me the time of day because they thought there wasn’t an audience for my kind of music.” Wayne, never to be pushed to the side, began his mission of proving everyone who turned him away wrong. After years of pounding the blacktop and dirt roads between college venues and roadhouse honkytonks, he has begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “Clubs call me now. It really makes me feel like I’ve gained their respect and that makes it all worth while.” His motto, “If something comes easy, it’s not worth having.” There’s no doubt that WMB’s tenacity and love of ‘70’s era music’ has helped bring back traditional sounds of outlaw country and southern rock. “The fan-base for our brand of music is growing every day.” Since my first gigs in Tuscaloosa, AL during the mid 90’s, I’ve seen southern rock and outlaw country slowly re-gain momentum and now it seems to be steam rolling.”
Standing 6’ 4’’, Wayne towers the stage. The second he walks out he’s got everyone’s attention and he befriends each and every single person in the audience. He has the absolute best report with his fans. He loves them and they love him. Wayne is proud to say that the Wayne Mills Band is stronger than they’ve ever been. With a relatively new, incredibly talented, line-up of musicians, Wayne has put together a powerhouse band. With his fifth CD now complete, Wayne is excited to note that he has never compromised WMB’s sound just to fit into the “music that sells." "We are a roots band through and through. We never try to out-wit ourselves. We stay true to ourselves and to our fans.” WMB music, simply put, is just damn good music; and their new CD, “Someday,” will surely make any who listens agree.
WMB has worked extremely hard, playing at least 200-250 dates a year for the past 10 years, to build an incredible fan base throughout the southeast and regions of Texas and Oklahoma. With a new CD (WMB’s best work by far), Wayne is excited to add as many new cities to WMB’s expansive tour list as possible. WMB has a range of songs that go from Folk to Bluegrass, to Traditional Country and outright Rock and Roll. Southern Rock and Outlaw country is and always will be a staple in WMB’s music.
WMB’s original music relates to their loyal followers because it is about every day life. The Wayne Mills Band draws their strength from thousands of devoted fans that sing along to every word of their original music. Wayne has sold thousands of his four previous CDs and has recently released his new album, “Someday.” Wayne’s first single, “That’s What Dancer’s Do,” has held the number one position on the #1 exclusive country website in the world (countrymonkey.com) for 21 weeks and is still at #1. Crossin’ Dixie, Wayne’s signature song, hit #1 on radiofreetexas.org during the same time frame and is still in the top ten. It's not uncommon to see a WMB t-shirt, or hear a WMB song blasting away is someone's car, anywhere in the country or even world. A WMB shirt was spotted by a friend in Costa Rica. Pretty impressive!

Wayne has opened for a countless number of established artists over the years. Now, it seems, more and more new artist are contacting WMB asking to open for them. Hard work does pay off! According to Wayne, his milestone performance, thus far, was a performance in front of an estimated 40,000 music lovers on the University Campus of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, which happens to be where the band was formed. Their extensive touring schedule has taken them from Alabama to Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, and will include as many new states as the band can fit in next year.

Wayne Mills is signed to World Records Nashville and BMI Nashville
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