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About me:I am good people who likes good company and to have a good time. I love to go camping, go to festi's, hang with my amigo and amigas, draw, paint, play guitar and other random instruments’, over all just find some peace of mind with in every crazy day.
Member Since:September 4, 2006
Last Login:February 13, 2012
Location:Virginia Beach, VA
Birthday:November 21
Music means to me:Music is life. Music connects me to new people, takes over my mind and directs me down new paths. Music is the reason I live and motivates me to discover new sounds, see new bands and meet new people. I am the way I am because of the music I listen to and I would love t listen to some music with good people, its my favorites thing to do.
Schools:TCC student.
General Interests:My family, friends, writing, playing guitar, didgeridoo, bongos, records (I love collecting good ol’ rock and roll, blues, jazz ect ect records).
Other Distractions:Bong hits, friends, Frisbees, bike rides, hiking, CAMPING, festivals, good concerts, good friends, and good books (Kerouac is my personal favorite, then Hunter S, and the George Orwell).


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