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About me:I am a 32 yo musician and I am based out of Northern California. I am very grateful to have been playing music my entire life. I am fortunate to have called Lake Tahoe my home for the last 5 years. I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes, great friends and gifted musicians who share the common interest in bringing live music to good people. Finding synergy in my life includes in no small part performing music that I love. I am currently playing bass in Subjektochange(STC) and the Casual Dogs(grateful dead tribute). My focus right now off stage is in writing new material that hopefully challenges my own limits as well as the other musicians limits and also to challenge the listeners expectations. Stylistically I have always been influenced by the GD and Phish. But recently more towards the electronic side of things. Where this will take me, I am not sure. As long as it feels good and makes people dance I can get behind most music. General enough?
Member Since:February 7, 2005
Last Login:July 7, 2015
Location:Olympic Valley, CA
Birthday:November 29
Music means to me:Music is the highest form of communication that I have been able to achieve. I have always played music and I have always been a fan of live music as well. Being a good fan to me meant searching out live performers that brought it all to the stage and left it there. Anything shy of honest and genuine performances always turned me off from certain players and bands. Truth in performance is what I strive for each time. I have come to this place as a professional and life long passionate music maker. I look foward to all music to made in the future as long as its good in nature. What does that mean? You can come to you're own conclusions and let me know. I would be happy to speak with anyone on such topics anytime through email or otherwise.
Schools:Stowe High School, Stowe, Vermont(HS diploma)1996
Berklee College of Music 96-98(did not graduate)
University of Vermont(BA in Music)2001
General Interests:Hiking, traveling, snowboarding, seeing live music, reading. Good food. Meeting new people who share common ideas but also challenge me.


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Put this band on your stage, go see them live
Tue 8/5/2008 4:09PM

Welcome to the journal section of my jambase profile. Don't have much to say except come see our band and let me know what you think.  Peace, Nick D.