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About me:I am 17, a music lover, and I have been sick with limes disease for a year and a half. I am from roxbury CT and I am an artist. I am a very KYND person and I aspire to play guitar like Jerry.
Member Since:December 10, 2005
Last Login:June 28, 2012
Location:Roxbury, CT
Birthday:November 7
Music means to me:It means everything, It is like medication or a drug it really can make you forget everything and all the pain in your life will go away when your listening to good music.
Schools:Shepaug valley Highschool
General Interests:Guitar( acoustic or electric), Art( clay sculpture, begginer glass blower, and drawer.)I especially love to jam with random people. I Love getting fuckt up( Oxycontin, K, Heady nugs, occasional yey, liquor, boomers.) I love festivals and shows.
Other Distractions:National geographic, discovery, history channel.


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