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About a preety cool kid and totally dig music and all about seeing shows.

Music is the shiz and live is the way-2-be!

Im into all types of mucic except rap and country and i write steve dulcet on walls
Member Since:May 31, 2007
Last Login:May 31, 2007
Location:Elkhart, IN
Birthday:January 14
Music means to me:Music is life....its something anyone and everyone should and can express through themselves and others. Making music and listening 2 music is life

every1 should play an insturment

Schools:Washington High School(04-06), Elkhart Central High School(06-08)
General Interests:MUSIC,drums,catching a flick,jamming with friends,playing games,hanging with the homiez,watching random T.V. once in a blue moon,art,marijuana,females(Care"wa" Mil"la"),filmmaking,home videos,politics,photoraphy
Other Distractions:Fav Movies?:Kevin Smith Films,Half Baked,Gorey Films,Jurassic Park,IT,Dreamcatcher,Road Trip,Cable Guy,Ace Venture....i like all movies

Fav Tv?: Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Family Guy,South Park,Dave Chaplle,old skool cartoons...yes, some anime is cool 2....

and Steve Dulcet

Fav Books?:Jurassic Park,Phantoms,IT,Dreamcatcher,Who Killed Kurt Cobain?,The Hobbit,Comix!....and yeaaaa


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