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About me:The thing about icebergs is....
Member Since:June 16, 2009
Last Login:June 23, 2009
Location:Cincinnati, OH
Birthday:January 29
Music means to me:Inexplicable.
Schools:University of Cincinnati
Miami University
Reading Jr/Sr High School
General Interests:moon worshiping, dream analysis, checking for fire escapes, watching tv and speeding up my breathing, reading tea leaves, palmistry, making intricate to-do and top 5 lists, running only when chased, photography.
Other Distractions:Pen pals with sexual tension, Lord Krishna, random acts of dance, pandas, sharks, hookah, rain, cuttlefish, giant squid, mix tapes, red hair, vampires, reading, skinny jeans, the aquarium, roller coasters of unemotional persuasion, cigarettes, bug house video, rainbow and kitty sandwiches, breakfast for dinner and cold pizza and Chinese leftovers for breakfast, being overly indie rock, black frame glasses, awkward road trips, staying up for extended periods of time, refueling with energy drinks aderol and candy, green tea, white tea, red tea, chai tea, black tea, Texts From Last Night, seeking out horribly obscure movies and music, owls, vulgarity, tattoos, red headed strangers, beauty school drop outs, and other questionable pursuits.


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