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Music means to me:I love everything that is promoted through word of mouth. I lean towards the jamband scene, but I respect all styles of music moreso than I ever have before. As with anything involving the innovation and creativity of another, any individual's tastes will change over time. I have always thought of myself as being more interested in funk and jazz fusion as these genres typically produce the most versatile and technically able musicians. As a musician myself, I attest very adamantly to the importance of a group that understands the theory behind music and the attention to detail that should be integral in the production of music by any group. Again, as a musician, I am typically very scrutinous of other groups. I gauge the quality of music typically through a band's album. The longer is stays in my CD player, the more inherent is the originality and overall execution... the quicker I am bored by it, the more superficial the structure of the songs. This is why I tend to lean towards the jamband atmosphere; the musicians involved are all well ahead of their peers in the industry. Regardless if their jams are sometimes overextended and repetitive, realize that this is only musical experimentation which is the essence of art; you are witnessing the creation of something never before done. The chills that run down your back when you are present for the culmination of an experimental jam between very talented musicians are something that can never be replaced. I'd like to end in saying that the jamband community is very similar to an incestuous relationship in that many band members collaborate with those of other bands. This is representative of the genre in the sense that it is very organic; everyone involved is a branch growing outward from a tree, all a derivative of itself and, essentially, a natural mix.

The recent increase in music downloading has begun to ruin the music industry by reducing the profitability of groups in producing albums. What the end result would be is that "musicians" would not engage in the producing of entire albums as the average consumer is only purchasing individual songs, assuming they pay for the music at all. Consequently, those in the music industry are only inclined to produce songs instead of entire albums, which really reduce the motives for creativity. This creates a large void in the population of musicians in that you will have a greater amount of groups who produce what I like to call "ear candy" in an effort to maximize profits and popularity. The other end of the spectrum is the underground and grassroots artists who feed off of word of mouth as they promote their music largely through live concerts. I predict that the underground scene will be most resilient because, due to the organic nature of their popularity (which tends to coincide with inherent originality and skill), they will be least affected by the rise in music downloading. Therefore, the grassroots industry is likely to be one of only two resilient industries as the void between pop cultures becomes an issue of preference dominated by two types of listeners: those who listen to the radio and those who have no need for it.
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