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About me:A live music addict in college who enjoys writing, experiencing, playing and sharing it. New Jersey is the place that I call home, but I love traveling for my next musical fix.
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Location:Verona, NJ
Birthday:November 24
Music means to me:Music is just a way of life. I can not get past the idea of what if. That's how good this is. Because if this never was, then neither would I.
Schools:Verona High School, Essex County College,
General Interests:Playing the drums, ukulele, writing, and hiking.
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Furthur - Sherman Theater - 7/5/2010
Fri 7/9/2010 5:21PM
Although Vermont pulled out of the opportunity to host Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh’s new project, Pennsylvania kindly accepted the offer to take it Furthur on July 5, 2010. Other than rehearsal shows in California, the Sherman Theater is the smallest venue Furthur has played. It felt as though it was 100 degrees in the theater, and it may have well been, but that did not stop the jam-packed show from exceeding expectations

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