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About me:I'm a 25 yr old Rock N' Roll Lover! My favorite singer/songwriters are Billy Joel and Ray Charles.
Member Since:July 9, 2008
Last Login:July 24, 2008
Location:Rohnert Park, CA
Birthday:June 23
Music means to me:Life
Schools:High School Diploma, still in College
General Interests:Listening, Playing Music- Going to Concerts- Camping and going outdoors like to the river or the lake, anywhere where theres water. I love to be by water for some reason. I like kickin back with a girl and cuddle and watch a movie. I like going out with my boys and hanging out. And I like making money and i love drama free women!
Other Distractions:Load people! And Girls who attract Drama. John Denver, White boys who act black, White boys who try to rap but can't, There's only one rapper who's white and is good and thats EMINEM, and there will never be another. Sorry it's the truth.


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