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About me:I basked in the glow of live Jerry. I saw Trey before the fall. Biscuits and Tuna and RatDog, oh my. Phil's my fave but I love it all.
Member Since:May 6, 2002
Last Login:May 16, 2014
Location:Jacksonville, FL
Birthday:August 22
Music means to me:I will always keep moving forward if it means I can support my music habit. I hope to live long enough that every lyric in "Cavern" by Phish has personal meaning to me.
Schools:Some college-
Wright State University, Kent State University
High school in Alliance, Ohio.
General Interests:Literature, great serial televison on DVD (Joss Whedon, HBO and Showtime originals)
Other Distractions:Love the ladies. Hope to be pleasing the same one for a long time one day. Long to raise a cool road-dog of a kid with one.


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