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About me:A man who is chronically addicted the most readily available and rewarding drug there is....The music of our souls and the people influences of those who came before us. I have extensive and eclectic tastes in my collection. Go and see bands whever I can. Big Claypool fan, as well as....well you can read my list of bands that I like...of course can't get them all...but I will try!!! If you want to pick on me for some of the band that I like, I'm not sure I balme you, but if you want to know any more about why I like them or myself ask away!!
Member Since:September 3, 2004
Last Login:February 11, 2011
Location:Sacramento, CA
Birthday:April 23
Music means to me:An ingrained form of expression for all of the people of this stone of ours called Earth. There is music in almost all of the facets of our lives just listen and you will hear it.
Schools:Hight Tech Institue of Sacramento, Dario Cassina High School, Sonora Elementary School, Mother Lode Adventest Junior Acadamy
General Interests:Music, Film , Art, Culture, People watching, Hiking, Being Outside, Playing Music, Disc Golf
Other Distractions:South Of The Pumphouse, Stephen King Books, J.R.R. Tolken, Hunter S. Thompson, Almost Famous, Napolian Dynomite, Matrix, 24 Hour Party People, Star War Trillogy, Science Of Sleep, American History X, Skate Videos, ER, Firefly, Serenity, Green Street Hooligans, Edward Scisor Hands, many many more...


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