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About me:Born and raised in Colorado, I went to school in New Orleans and now travel around the country playing with my funk/rock outfit, Frogs Gone Fishin'. My only complaint about playing live music every night, is that it ruins the chance to go see live music every night!

I love touring and living in Colorado and consider myself lucky every day...
Member Since:November 8, 2004
Last Login:August 17, 2015
Location:New Orleans, LA
Birthday:March 9
Music means to me:Music is my religion, vocation, release, tool, guide, teacher, friend, means, way, passion and life.
Schools:I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a a dual degree in psychology and sitting-in late night with my favorite bands.
General Interests:sports, the environment, and the combination of both
Other Distractions:playing in The Sessh, Ape Tit and a number of other bands... Paul Reed Smith guitars, women, wine etc..


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