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About me:Serious musicians only. Gigs for The Future
Treena was a nickname Trey gave me once back in 1982.
Hidden Things - Heavy Petters - Wildruse
My unexplored past. Give Me Credit -- (c)
I used to look like one of the women from Bananarama (mirror photo of the triad).
Member Since:July 31, 2006
Last Login:August 1, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA
Birthday:March 17
Music means to me:Everything....
it is a shame they broke my hands so I could never play guitar (and stole my instruments & books).
Schools:public and grants/loans I owe....
General Interests:art, music, love, friends, world peace, healing, finding Stephen
Other Distractions:Yoga, cigarettes, art galleries, internet, other people's art projects, eating out, meditation, prayer, stunt surviving, considering writing a made-for-TV script about surviving a meeker bomb, beer, dreaming of a nice guy, surviving Bob.