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About me:Generally, the child dies before we can remove the brain. Perhaps we should tone our intimidation masks down a tad to reduce instances of fatal psychological trauma. Once entrusted to the higher ups over in development, results should be significantly more sterile and conditions safer. Unlike even older versions, we're seeing units reach outdated and outmoded status strikingly faster. Current models are becoming obsolete after, on average, 27 years; and as early as 18 years in some southern and midwestern states.
Member Since:January 24, 2011
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Location:Middle River, MD
General Interests:faux mating, breaking things, scaring people, making wierd noises with my mouth, staring at non-human species, staring at interesting things, staring at supposed humans, rolling things down hills, beating on things to make loud noises, waking up people at 4AM who have to work the next day, tasting various objects, especially strange rocks and powders, profanity, obsenity, blasphemy, flaunting apostatism, slaying gods of various sorts, defiling people's childhood memories, defiling pretty much anything really,


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