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About me:The Strange Invaders embody the wealth of New York's diversity, by melding New Wave Synthesizers, Gritty Rock and Mournful Pop melodies. Their sound simultaneously combines the roots of rock and roll with prophetic orchestrations.

The band was conceived in early 2010 by Jason Giummule, Stephen Connolly, and Andy Feldman while trying to act as an agent in the re-animation of the deceased genre of rock. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Michael Gagliardi on trumpet, baritone sax, and synthesizer, and Jesse Steffen's on drums, The Strange Invaders were formed. Inspired by Depeche Mode's synthesizer arrangements, classic pop melodies and seminal 90's Rock, the group has consumed college radio with their unusual sound.

Beginning with a local appearance to showcase what they had been working on in May 2010, the band was well received from the start. Their club debut at The Crazy Donkey in Long Island NY was another huge success, and led to a myriad of show offers from acts such as The Lemonheads, and members of The Smiths. Since then, the band has performed at some of New York's most illustrious venues including Webster Hall and The Blender Theatre as well as The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY and The Bowery Electric in New York City where they played near sold out shows within the first few months of their existence.

The 5-piece ensemble includes guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, baritone sax, two synthesizers as well as two main vocalists.
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