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About me:Tired of the stagnant sounds bleeding from the radio waves of modern day, three individuals made the decision to quit complaining and act. In March of 2006, The Running set out on a journey to cross the metaphorical borders of the music industry and swore to set no boundaries on their creativity in order to do so.

Since it’s inception, The Running has been constantly gigging and virally advertising, causing an outbreak of demand for their contagious groove. With 150+ shows under their belt in over 20 different cities and towns including New York, Atlanta, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and their hometown of Nashville, TN, they show no signs of slowing down. From backyard parties to nationally known venues, who knows where these guys find the time to consistently promote each show online and on the street, but their hard work is evident, as there is always a thirsty crowd at any shindig they play.

Countless attempts have been made to capture the essence of The Running’s sound in a few, cleverly arranged words; soulful island grunge, neo-surfer jam rock, reggae-rock, blues-rock, bluesy reggae rock, to name a few. Although these terms can accurately describe individual songs by The Running, none of them can quite sum up their vibe as a whole. But rather than try to label something as unique as this fresh new band, why not leave all preconceived notions of what the word genre means and just open your ears? Catch up to The Running.
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