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[Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer]

Yes I am young, but I have been through more than you could ever imagine. My life is basically like Degrassi, the drama never ever stops. But without drama life would be boring, so I'm not really complaining. I just don't like getting caught in the middle of it.

I think WAY too much for my own good. I am willing to do almost anything. My curiosity usually out ways the consequences. &&I do know where to draw the line. So I'm not going to do something obviously stupid. Like...pegging knives at someone or jumping off a skyscraper without a bungee jump or DRUGS. Not too be rude, but drugs ruin your life. I've seen the downfall first hand with my own brother. Since he started, everything has gone downhill for him. &&it was just a little marijuana.

I am one of the biggest hopeless romantics ever. I love to smile and laugh. I think hating your life is pointless. You're just wasting your time. Just make the best of what you have and strive for greatness because your life isn't going to just disappear.

My biggest role models are my mother, Oprah, Tyra Banks and Dr.Phil.

I normally get along with everyone but please do NOT talk to me if you fall under any of the following: [1] Hypocrite [2] Homophobic [3] Attention-whore [4] Liar [5] Trying to get in my pants [6] Know-it-all [7] Narrow-minded [8] backstabber example: talk behind my back [9] Tell people secrets

My biggest fears are getting fat, losing another loved one, never falling in love, the future, death and the usual like sharks, spiders and snakes.

I'm just your average teenage girl. Lately my life has been changing a lot. Sometimes I don't know if I can handle another amend. I've learned who my real friends are. The ones who are always there for me when I fall. &&I've learned who was just there to laugh at me when I fall. Needless to say, they aren't important in my life anymore. I live for music. [Rude Buddha, favorite band ♥] I've questioned my sexuality more than once. I've wondered if God was really there. I've pondered why he put me here on earth. &&unlike your average teenagers, I've figured it out. He put me here to help people and change the world.

I can't stand to see people cry.&&it's the worst feeling in the world when those tears are about you. I make mistakes. I'm only human. I make a lot of mistakes actually. But I always apologize for them.

I think people take life for granted way too often. People need to see the beauty in a beautiful blue sky or an innocent childs laughter. Or the message of infinity and foreverness while staring at the ocean or the stars.

&&just for you all to know. I am single as of now. Just looking for my soulmate. I'll tell you guys when I find them.

Peace && ♥ Jordan

I want to give a shout out tooooo:
+ The ones who have got me through everything and gave me such a blessed life. [God, Jesus Christ, my parents, everyone who has helped me along the way. Mucho <33]

+ My girliesss [Margaret, Chelsea, Eva, Emily, Kim, Paxton, Nikki, Kellie B., Meredith, Darcey, Gaby, Jesse, Randi, Amanda, Alexis, Aubrey, Summer and Rachel]<33

+ My boooys [Max, Gia, Tyler, Trey, Derrek, Daniel, Ryan, Raziel, Justin, Patrick, John, Chris, Josh, Matt B., Matt G., Kevin, Ian A., Mitchell, Ian W., Wayde, Andre, Corey, Micheal, Jacob and Nick]<33

My favorite band, always and forever is Rude Buddha. They are going to make it big. I've been obsessed with them for a bit over a year &&it's never ever ever going to stop. Amazing guys with great personalities and even more amazing talents. I will do anything I can to suppourt them &&help them and let them show all that they've got. CHECK THEM OUT! or They also have a myspace.<33

Teehee. I love Boys Like Girls. Especially Thunder Acoustic.<33 I love the band End of Reason. Best band ever. Help them become HUGE please. It would mean everything to them &&me. They have tried so hard to put together an amazing band and being a friend of theirs and a huge fan I feel the need to help them out. Just listen and if you can, tell your friends. PUBLICITYYY!

Also check out Second Nature [VA]. amazing guys. Put on a kick butt live show. my cell phone videos can prove it. and they are all wicked gorgeous, which is a plus. =]

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Music means to me:freedom, fun, letting loose, going crazy, memories, expression, hot guys [lol], acoustic melodies, flashbacks, fairytale moments, tears, blood, sweat, paradise, honesty, Planet Jordan.
Schools:Mannheim Elementary School, Clermont Elementary School, Belleview Elementary School, Sandburg Middle School, West Potomac High School, IFTA Summer Camp
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Books: A Child Called It, To Kill A Mockingbird, Ruby Holler, Margaux With an X, Boy Meets Boy, TTYL, To Be A Slave


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