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About me:The Peabodys are a punk rock band from Portland, OR. They've been around since 1999 or so, and have a metric shitload of releases... all available from distros and stores such as:

The band's latest releases are:

Awkward Age EP (Incessant Drip Records)

Wasted On Youth EP (Incessant Drip Records)

Pop Punk's Not Dead comp (Go Kart Records)

Where The Fun Never Sets comp (Cabana One)

Split w/The Steinways (Incessant Drip)

US vs. Japan comp (Underground Government)

Connect Four split w/Hi Life, Johnie 3 & Hollywood Blondes (Cocktail Nation Records)

Split w/The Underhills (Cabana One Records)

They have a new full-length coming in 2008 called "Tomorrow Is Cancelled".
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