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About me:It’s rare these days that a band carries a name as aptly as...

Let’s disregard for the moment its nominal definition, which is an electronic device used in an electric circuit. Fuse, when used as a verb, is a unification – a blending of parts into a whole.

Building a musical partnership has been the band’s aspiration since inception in 2004, as it should be.
THE NEW FUSE carries this designation deliberately and without obscurity. The name alone is a testament to their integrity.

All rhetoric aside, seriously, what’s in a name anyway? Who cares about names? What’s in the music?

THE NEW FUSE’s sound at present time is the result of the melting of musical backgrounds, educations, inspirations, influences and the distinctive personalities of Shane Davies, Brent Kimbrough and Chris Morrow.

This music is the product of the organic songwriting that ensues each time Davies & Kimbrough sit down to create with open mind and heart. Ideas are liquefied, merged and refined until eventually that product comes into being with thoughtful melody, harmony, and pulse.

Not only is this band appropriately identified, but so is their first album, In The Now.
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The New Fuse CD Release Party Announced for 01.11.2008
Mon 12/10/2007 5:36PM

WHO: The New Fuse (

WHAT: CD Release Party of debut album In The Now