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About me:The Human Canvas is Body Paint Artist Dinash & DJ Frank Grymes
The Human Canvas (THC) is a creative performance duo Made up of DJ Frank Grymes and Body Paint Artist Dinash.

Body Paint Artist Dinash captivates your imagination through visual art on a live canvas, with her partner DJ Frank Grymes dropping a gritty mix of House, Fidget, deep saw-tooth, hip-hop, dubstep, and other electronic dance music.

The Human Canvas (THC) has been working together since 2006
Events such as; World Body Paint Festival in Austria (2010-2011), Magic Hat's #9 9/9/2009 Celebration, Liberate Arts & Music Festival (2008-2011), RhinoFest Music Festival (2010), Woodstock Flashback (2009), Art-Hop (2007-2010) and more...With artists such as: The New Deal, Lotus, Emancipator, Rubblebucket, Orchard Lounge, Zion I, Eskmo, and more...

Body & face painting artist Dinash came to Vermont in the late 1990's with her family as a refugee after the war in Bosnia ended.
After completing an undergraduate studio-art & psychology degree from the University of Vermont, she started painting breathing canvases in 2005 and looking for ways to implement her studies into her art process.
That is what inspired her to begin her body painting revolution in VT, that she calls "ART THERAPY" -"Naked bodies aren't offensive; they're meant to be celebrated"

Dinash interests are in transforming negative into positive energy through the art of body painting.
In the past six years she worked and volunteered at community events, private events, business companies, hospitals, art galleries, clubs and festivals including the 2010 (and soon to be 2011) the World Body Painting Festival in Austria.

Frank Grymes is an eclectic DJ who plays it all, from high energy electro-house, to downtempo lounge, and even has been known to break out special sets including a Funk Carioca set for a Brazilian Party in early 2011.

He has been playing alongside body paint artist, "Dinash" since 2006 as one half of the performance art outfit "The Human Canvas (THC)".
A staple of local festivals & a frequent pod-caster, Frank Grymes is no stranger to the scene.
Grymes is called upon to throw down at vast events, official & underground.

Grymes got started recording bedroom freestyles at the age of 14.
By 15, he was producing different genres of music and creating blends and mash-ups.
Naturally he progressed to DJing in the early 2000's with his own radio show on College Radio.

In his free time, Grymes works hard as the voice of THC to design websites, stickers, tee-shirts, fliers, in addition; booking, coordinating events and more.

His diverse taste, and style are what set Grymes apart from the rest.
While certainly influenced by hip-hop & electronic elements of sound, boxing this DJ into one genre is hard to do.

The Human Canvas is currently based in Burlington, Vermont, but travel to cover a wider area.



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