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About me:The Hits met through the workings of Craigslist, and decided to break bread at Chili's together... It was clear that 3 of the initial 4 would make history!

After a few months of playing, The Hits decided to seek out a bass player, and again Craiglist brought them an awesome bassist who fits perfectly into the once trio!

After only playing together for a few shorts months Te Hits didn't hold anything back and began playing shows in Denver ad Boulder... They have drawn in crowds and developed a decent fan base. They look forward to playin many more shows in the future and progressing with their talents!

Keep an eye for upcoming shows from The Hits! Coming to a venue near you!
Member Since:August 16, 2011
Last Login:January 3, 2012
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:Music is one of those things that can be understood all across the world... It is the true universal language! It is an expression from within, unmasking all for everyone to see, it is beauty at it's finest... And when that combination is mixed between four passionate people it simply is an explosion of creativity, melodic sounds and deep drum beats, that will get your feet moving and your heads turning!
General Interests:Music music and more music! The Hits not only play music together but they enjoying just hanging out, grabbing a few beers and laughs or enjoying some snowboarding, rock climbing, camping... All the good stuff!!


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