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~Our Mission~

• Whenever possible, we will assist the musician in sharing their music within our network and share their music with the world. We will operate with integrity in all interactions, and work to form a foundation of trust with all persons involved. We will strive for continuous improvement in an atmosphere of teamwork, while acknowledging the value of each person’s contribution to our organizations goals.

• We will work closely with the people of our network and be courteous, respectful, and always nurture honest communications within the group.

• We will stand behind the MUSIC and events we promote.

• Green Door Promotions continuously, shoots, edits, and posts live VIDEO of various bands on the web. (see our blog)

• Green Door Promotions continuously provides “poster art” for bands shows.

• Green Door Promotions produced the First annual “42007 Music and Arts Festival" and 420JamFest II in 2008 and “The Healing Waters Gathering - Cecilfest" in Capon Bridge, WV -2007

• Producers of 2 live studio recordings for the bands Black River Circus's "To heavy to Lift" in 2005 and Laidback’s “Live in Baltimore” in 2006

Member Since:April 27, 2003
Last Login:May 12, 2015
Location:Fort Washington, MD
Birthday:March 25
Music means to me:Powerful emotion, connections and memories. Music is a gift within the present. Music’s power is that it can evoke any emotion in your mind.
Green Door Promotions attempts to preserve and document these events for the fans, and the bands. Join us. We think you might dig it. Check the blog at our website, we take suggestions and document them.
General Interests:Women & Wine.
Other Distractions:JamCamDVD, RELIX, Jambase, Mushrooms & Mankind


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for immediate press release "420 JamFest"
Fri 11/2/2007 1:41PM

420 Jam Fest II

Gore, VA: Cove Campground